Good Southern Food Near Me

  Find Great Southern Food Restaurants Near Me

When it comes to finding Southern food, especially in California, options can be slim. While there are plenty of restaurants that offer Southern style offerings on their menu, none of them have the extensive menu options that Jefferson Cafe is able to offer. Plus, the team at Jefferson Cafe is able to cook with a certain passion and desire that encompasses Southern food, giving it not only a delicious taste, but a heart and a soul too that fills you up. If you are looking for "Southern food restaurants near me" look no further than Jefferson Cafe. With a dedicated team of professionals, an extensive menu, and wonderful service, the team at Jefferson Cafe is sure to bring a bit of Southern charm and comfort into your life with your next meal.

Not only do you want to have a big plate of food that fills you up, but you want something that starts your day off right. That is why if you are searching for "good Southern food near me" you need to stop at Jefferson Cafe. With an endless selection of high quality, delicious, and hearty Southern breakfast options, you can't go wrong with a Southern style breakfast. Choose from any number of offerings from our extensive breakfast menu that includes grits, catfish, waffles, and wings for breakfast. We have something for everyone at Jefferson Cafe. If you are searching for "good Southern food near me" be sure to check out Jefferson Cafe for their delicious offerings that are guaranteed to fill you up and get you in the right mindset to start your day off right.