Grits and Catfish

  Fresh and Authentic Southern Food Restaurant

While Southern food may be on trend right now, how do you know you are finding a restaurant with true Southern flare and taste. To have a classic meal from the South, you need to find a chef that truly understands what it takes to run a Southern kitchen. Not only do you need the right ingredients to run a proper Southern kitchen, but you need to have the right attitude and attention to detail. The team at Jefferson Cafe is proud to embody all of these elements and offers just the right blend of traditional Southern cooking with modern amenities and offerings. Jefferson Cafe is an authentic, classic, and dedicated Southern kitchen that is sure to bring the delicious food offerings to you, that the South is known and loved for.

If you are looking for a Southern food restaurant that brings fresh and authentic Southern menu offerings, look no further than Jefferson Cafe. With their innovative owner partnering with expert chefs, the team at Jefferson Cafe has worked together to find just the right blend of delicious meals and classic offerings to bring a smile to your face. Our meals are authentic and fresh, bringing an element of the South all the way to California. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the team at Jefferson Cafe is able to prepare just the right meal for you. Our chefs understand that our food needs to have a soul, and they work to prepare the food with love and care each and every time. When you take a bite of Southern food, you should be instantly transported to a slower, relaxed environment. Allowing you to reconnect with what is important, and take a moment to slow down and enjoy life. Jefferson Cafe is proud to be able to do this with both our dine in options, as well as our convenient take away options too.

Some of our meal offerings can only be found at our restaurant. We excel at specialty breakfast meals and are happy to prepare a fresh order of waffles and wings for you. Enjoy this classic as you sit, sipping a cup of coffee in our restaurant, or get this meal to go in our convenient take away option. Or, if you want something hearty to start your day off, enjoy our grits and catfish meal. As one of our best sellers, our grits and catfish meal is something that you don't normally see in San Francisco, let alone California. This meal is a classic that can be found in the South, but can be difficult to find on the West coast. Trust that our meal offerings are always prepared to order and are fresh and delicious every day. The team at Jefferson Cafe is dedicated to providing ultimate service and delicious meals to each and every client, every time.