Southern Style Restaurant

  Start Your Day Right With A Southern Style Breakfast

After a long night it makes sense to start your day off right. Not only do you want to fill your stomach after a long fast, but you want something that will give you the spark and energy you need to start your day off right. Something with the right amount of deliciousness and nutrition to get you moving and prepared for the day. Plus, for breakfast, you want something that just tastes good. That is why many people turn to a good southern style breakfast to start their day off. Not only can a southern style breakfast fill your stomach, it can fill your soul, giving you a moment to relax, and prepare for a wonderful new day.

The Southern breakfast served by Jefferson Cafe is sure to get you started on the right foot any day of the week. Not only does our Southern breakfast fill you up, but it puts you in the right state of mind before heading to work or starting your day. The team at Jefferson Cafe is dedicated to giving you the right foods for a Southern breakfast that will remind you to slow down, enjoy your meal, and prepare for anything the day will be able to throw at you. Enjoy a large menu that includes Southern foods such as grits, catfish, waffles and wings. Our menu is endless, especially when it comes to delicious Southern breakfast options.

While you can certainly order Southern style offerings at other restaurants, only a true Southern style restaurant is going to give you the authenticity you crave. A true Southern style restaurant will have the passion and dedication to cook Southern style food with the heart and soul it needs. Come to Jefferson Cafe for a truly Southern experience and take in the sights, smells, and tastes that will instantly transport you to the South. Not only will you leave with a full stomach, but your heart and soul will be full with the delicious and tasty home cooked meal. Available for both dine in and take away service, the team at Jefferson Cafe is dedicated to serving and providing meals for the San Francisco area and beyond. If you are looking for a hearty, delicious, Southern style meal, look no further than Jefferson Cafe. Our team is dedicated to a wonderful experience and delicious, high quality food reminiscent of Southern style, charm, and most importantly comfort.