Waffle and Wings

  Find Southern Style Food Near Me

When it comes time to choose a restaurant in San Francisco, there are plenty of organic or sushi places to choose from. While these restaurants are certainly delicious, sometimes you just want a good and hearty meal that will fill you up. When you want some comfort food, something that will make you feel loved when you eat it, you need to look for a Southern restaurant. Not only will a Southern restaurant be able to fill you up, but it will help you feel and appreciate the amount of love, dedication, and attention to detail that went into preparing such a wonderful and delicious meal.

If you are looking for "Southern style food near me" be sure to visit Jefferson Cafe. Located conveniently in San Francisco, Jefferson Cafe is proud to serve residents from the city and beyond. The team at Jefferson Cafe not only has a passion for Southern cooking, but is able to offer an extensive menu with Southern meal selections that are sure to please anyone. Plus, they make ordering easy. Not only can you enjoy a meal sitting down at the restaurant, but you can also order convenient take away options. This option is perfect for people with a busy schedule, always on the go, or for people who simply want to take their meal home with them, so they can eat in the comfort of their own home. Whatever you choose, the team at Jefferson Cafe is sure to provide the menu selection you are craving.

With a diverse and varied menu, Jefferson Cafe is proud to offer a range of food selections from the South. Not only do we have traditional grits and catfish, but we also offer our waffle and wings pairing. Choose to order a waffle and wings for breakfast, or for dinner! This amazing and filling meal is perfect for any time of day and will instantly transport you to the South for a delicious, authentic, and classic Southern meal. The team at Jefferson Cafe is all about providing delicious food that fills your stomach and your soul. We want you to feel good after every meal and we are dedicated to providing ultimate satisfaction so that our customers keep coming back for more!